Sushi Making Classes

This is how we roll! Sushi Cooking Classes are here and some of our most popular events here at Uncorked Kitchen! Are you ready to master the techniques and tastes of your favorite sushi? It's an art-form as much as a taste bud explosion, so making sushi for your family and guests is sure to impress.

Learn the ingredients to make your favorite rolls with the high-quality choices to make you a true sushi artist. Knife skills, sushi rice preparation and culinary presentation will be taught to students of all skill levels. Look for our date nights (priced per pair and adults only) or our Family Day Out (priced per person and for adults and children) to level up your sushi game and get rolling!

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Sushi Rolling

Sushi Night Out 2.0

6:30pm, Saturday, December 26, 2020

Love sushi, wish you could make it at home? Join us and create your own Japanese feast! From cooking the rice to lining the nori sheets, topping with ingredients and perfecting the movements, you and your date will do it all!

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Sushi Night Out 2.0

  • “Rainbow Nigiri” with fresh teriyaki glaze
  • “Smoked Trout Dragon Roll” with Honey Sriracha reduction
  • “Tempura Deep Fried Roll” with cream cheese, mango, jalapeno, and Salmon
  • "Coconut Shrimp Avocado Roll" with Coconut Tempura Shrimp, Avocado, Cucumber, Masago Mayo
  • Green tea Ice Cream


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