About Uncorked Kitchen

Why just share a meal, when you can share everything that goes into making one? Experiencing all the laughter and little moments that happen before food even hits the plate! It's this belief that led us to create Uncorked Kitchen - A place where people from all walks of life are invited to come and share the joy of food in the making.

Life happens in the kitchen

Uncorked Kitchen is Denver's first interactive dining experience and whether you're a foodie or first timer, we invite you to come experience why we believe that "life happens in the kitchen". Our professional chefs guide and work side-by-side with our guests to help them transform some of the world's finest ingredients into a soulful family-style meal that's ultimately enjoyed sitting down...together.

Eric & Katie, Co-Owners & Founders of Uncorked Kitchen Denver

OUR STORY - Katie & Eric Robbins

The concept for Uncorked Kitchen was born out of Eric’s passion for sharing great food with people in a hands on kitchen environment and my 10 years of small business management. We knew that we didn’t want to be just another cooking school but rather focus more on the experience and the joy that comes out of having fun and working together with family & friends in the creation of a meal. Think cooking class meets dinner party!

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Closed Monday & Sunday
Tuesday-Friday 3pm–10pm
Saturday 2pm-10pm


Tuesday-Friday from 3pm–5pm