Fun Winter Break Events in Denver for Kids

December is one of the most exciting months of the year for kids!

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This is not only because there’s the possibility of gifts on the horizon for many (although that definitely helps), there are also tons of fun indoor and outdoor events to enjoy. It doesn't get more memorable than a day well spent at a winter camps for kids — kids can get their hands dirty AND make some new friends. Parents know their kids are entertained and also have a few hours to themselves. Looking for winter break activities for your kids? We've compiled some winter break activities for kids that are sure to delight this holiday season.

1. Uncorked Winter Wonderland Desserts Camp 7-10yrs

Baking becomes especially enjoyable around the holidays and when it’s cold, and what better way for your child to hone their skills than at a dessert camp? At Uncorked Kitchen we’ll teach them how to be a junior chef making dishes that are cozy and sweet. They’ll learn how to make beautiful and delicious snowball cookies perfect to set on the table at a family gathering. They’ll also learn how to make savory favorites like Shepard's Pie or chicken and dumplings. The ages of seven to ten years old are a great time to learn the fundamentals of food handling and preparation, basic knife skills, and how to manage the cooking process. This class will give your child confidence in the kitchen and pique their culinary interests. Get more details & sign them up here.

2. Uncorked Winter Wonderland Desserts Camp 11-17yrs

We also offer a desserts camp class for teenagers! Here they can learn how to bake goodies like chocolate peppermint cupcakes or a gingersnap crumb pear. The class isn't all sweet though, participants in this winter day camp will also learn how to make Beef Stroganoff, Italian Wedding Soup, and shrimp and grits. While your teenager probably already has some kitchen skills, this class will further develop skills like measuring items for accurate baking, food hygiene and team building. Get more details & sign them up here.

3. Camp Christmas

From December 13th onwards, Camp Christmas invites kids of all ages and their parents can enjoy an over-the-top holiday extravaganza. Here you’ll find a 10,000-square-foot wonderland filled with extraordinary displays delving into yuletide traditions past and present. This immersive experience features a giant indoor installation and will mesmerize your kids for a few hours. Come here to get into the holiday spirit before Christmas, or if your kid hasn’t gotten enough you can visit until January 2, 2020 for some holiday cheer.

4. Museum Takeover: Snow Day

This event marries the best of both worlds — during Museum Takeover: Snow Day kids get the chilly experience of the outdoors with snow and ice while participating in indoor activities. You can even build a snowman inside the museum! This event is open to all ages but recommended for five and older. Bring your little ones to enjoy a snow day unlike any they’ve ever seen before.

5. Swimming and Teepees

This winter camp kicks off with a swim session in Aurora's newest recreation center. Here kids can splash around in a wave pool, lazy river or big tube slide with a timer. After drying off and getting dressed, the next part of the day starts — kids will be ushered to the Plains Conservation Center, a sprawling education center where they can learn about Colorado’s ecosystems and history.


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