Private Cooking Events

Want to join us in person? Get cookin’ in our kitchen! Private events in our interactive kitchens feature our talented staff of professional chefs who work side‑by‑side with your guests, helping to ensure the meal and moments that are being created are nothing short of spectacular!

Start your day in the kitchen to get the creative juices flowing or finish with some hands on fun where your group can build relationships, enjoy a cocktail, and create and share a meal together. Choose from a variety of different styles of hands-on cooking events, or work with us to customize your own event if you have an idea in mind.


Let's get cooking together!


In-Person "Iron Chef" style Events are some of our most popular bookings for teams that are looking for just that fun little competitive edge! We also offer a 2 hour, 2 course experience and a 3 hour Executive Experience (a 3 hour, 3 course meal) as well as a 2 hour private Family Cooking event. Our interactive cooking events are a blast, let us help you design one for your special event using our standard offerings or a fully customized experience.

  • Corporate or personal private events are typically 3 hours.
  • Our events can accommodate party sizes of up to 48 participants.
  • Private cooking event scheduling is based on kitchen and live stream availability - inquire now!


"It was such a positive social event. Some of our guests really were involved with the cooking while others, myself included, enjoyed wandering from station to station and talking to each chef, helping, socializing and learning some great food preparation tips! I liked this format that allowed each to simply enjoy! It felt like a warm large family kitchen. We had a couple guests who were gluten/dairy intolerant and the Uncorked Staff had a separate preparation area so all our guests felt special an included! When it was time to eat, everyone was happy and settled down to a beautiful table to enjoy the meal we prepared together. I highly recommend this experience as a casual and relaxed time together.” - Katherine Hartzler Jet Linx Denver

“I’ve been to a number of cooking-based team development events over the last ten years and our three-plus hour experience of cooking and dining together was special. Beyond the fun, everyone felt they learned a lot more about both some fundamentals and secrets (to us anyway) behind really good cooking. I even learned how to crack an egg with one hand and not get shell into the pan... my wife was really impressed! After the fun and great food, we met in your conference room to discuss the experience. It was easy to tie the event in a meaningful way to the business challenges we were facing and or ’take out’ was a useful list of the healthy ingredients needed to drive success in a particularly adventurous year, given our strategy.” - Chris Cappy Pilot Consulting Program


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