Raise your Glass to Rosé!

Mother Nature is a fickle mistress in the spring, especially in Colorado. One can expect 75 degrees and sunshine one day, and snowfall the next. The question naturally becomes, what is the right wine to drink in such tumultuous weather?

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The answer to all your questions, is a great glass of Rosé. And not just any rosé- Tavel! The Southern Rhône wine region, the first AOC dedicated to Rosé. Heavier than most rosés, with a vibrant pink color that makes you want to say "Move aside Barbie", Tavel comes off as summery on the nose, with notes of lush wild strawberries and light but right cranberry and raspberries. It keeps it’s full bodied status due to the time the wine is exposed to the Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvedre skins. You may event say it will turn the snobbiest red wine drinker into a rosé lover. If you're looking for a delicious dinner wine, it pairs well with a lamb and citrus dish. Curious about what makes this wine so special, come give it a taste and find out- we have it in our rosé flight!

The way Colorado operates is that it typically snows on Mother’s Day, and it doesn’t visit again till Halloween (although as we saw this year-- ANYTHING can happen). So what do you do to get yourself in a sunshiny mood as the weather shifts?


Join us to taste ALL of the shades of the rosé rainbow on June 7th alongside some incredible food pairings. If you're wondering how you can up your pink drink game, this is the event for you! Start off with a light meat and cheese board, enjoy some seafood ceviche (perfect for your next grill-out!), and move onto a summery salad. Take a sharp right turn to enjoy the rosé with savory pigs in a blanket (trust us, it WORKS!), and then jump back on the beaten path with the Spaghettie Carbonara and a from scratch Panna Cotta duo! This is one night you definitely won't forget so go ahead, we dare you- Sign Up Here.

Rosé-ducation- Here's our rosé cheat sheet for your next summer outing:

Grenache rosé is a fruity option, with a cordial taste to it. Sparkling rosé is usually a crowd pleaser. Another option is Provence rosé, it is one of the most prestigious regions for rosé in the world, which also happens to be from France. These wines are light, crisp, acidic and dry in nature. The best part is that we carry all of these wines, all you have to do is pop in and you can try all the rosés we’ve talked about!

There’s so many ways to enjoy spring, we prefer to enjoy it with rosé!


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