Oysterfest! How to Eat Oysters and Still Look Cool

In preparation for Oysterfest this Saturday, Uncorked Kitchen wanted to offer some great information about how to eat oysters on the half shell and some fun facts about these delicate delicacies.

oysters and wine

How to Eat Oysters on the Half Shell

If you have always wanted to try this delicacy but have been hesitant because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself, we wanted to share the accepted etiquette, so you can slurp away with the rest of us. And while it may seem intimidating, there really isn’t a right or wrong way, just some more effective ways. Enjoy!

First, make sure the oyster is detached from its shell by using a seafood fork to separate them. Sometimes, this is already done for you. If there are condiments or garnish, such as cocktail sauce, vinaigrettes, lemon, or the like, add those straight onto the oyster, sparingly.

Pick up the shell and allow the oyster to slide from the shell into your mouth. This is often where the “slurping” comes in – it insures the oyster meat ends up in your mouth and not your shirt, lap, table or floor. Some people believe you need to let the entire oyster slide from you mouth straight to your belly, but this isn’t true. Chew the oyster to release its flavor.

Remember, this is seafood, so expect oceanic flavor and maybe even a little grit. It is all part of the experience.

It’s that simple.

7 Fun Facts about Oysters

Oysters contain zinc- a mineral important for hormones, immunity, digestion and reducing inflammation.

Oysters are one of nature’s water filters, purifying 30-50 gallons of water per day.

The oysters we eat are not the same type of oysters that make pearls.

Oysters taste is largely dependent on where they are from as they take on the flavor of their environment, including brine (saltiness), plumpness, creaminess and springiness.

There are only 5 kinds of oysters: Atlantic, Pacific, Kumamoto, Olympias, and Belons.

Oysters should be only shucked (opened) less than 2 hours before you eat them.

Oysters pair very well with a variety of alcoholic drinks. Pair them with a variety and taste the variety of flavors.

Join us this Saturday, August 18th for Uncorked Kitchen’s Oysterfest. This annual event is typically sold out, so we close the entire patio and dining room to the public and allow guests to enjoy the beauty of the season, oysters and other seafood appetizers prepared by our chefs, and 21 unique wine pairings. Learn more or register HERE. Don’t miss it!


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