Introducing Experiential Cooking Classes in Denver


Create. Laugh. Share. Eat.

There is a certain magic that happens in the kitchen. It is the home base where the buzz of conversation is or the hustle to catch up happens. It is a place where friends and family come together to share not just a meal but connect through a moment in their lives. Chef Eric Robbins and his wife Katie Robbins are embracing tradition to bring people together through food with their new venture Uncorked Kitchen. “With Uncorked, we are creating a space where people learn to cook side by side through personal experience and collaboration. The energy the teamwork will breed – it’s exciting,” shares Eric.

Why just share a meal, when you can share everything that goes into making one?

Here, you will experience all the laughter and little moments that happen before food ever hits the plate. Participants should get ready to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and experience how eating is only half the fun. Guests will practice basic to advanced kitchen skills using the finest and freshest ingredients while expanding their knowledge of the latest food trends. “The experience here is 1 Part Cooking + 1 Part Dining = 100% Fun. Our programs are social with interactive teamwork, and you will walk away with all the skills to make the recipe at home,” explains Chef Eric.

Coaching combined with a collaborative atmosphere means that from foodies to newbies, Uncorked Kitchen’s innovative concept caters to everyone no matter the level of their culinary chops. Adults can choose a culinary adventure for some me-time and meet new people, come with friends or reserve a kitchen for a customized private cooking party. Through camps, parties, and after-school classes, kids can experience hands-on, healthy fun with talented (patient) instructors. Kids learn how to cook, use kitchen tools safely, eat healthy, and leverage all those math, reading and science skills they’ve been working so hard on in school. Businesses can host groups of colleagues or clients and cook up some camaraderie and forget about the setup and clean up. So whether you’re a party of one or a group of forty, it’s the perfect place; because, eating is only half the fun.

The open ceiling wine bar features a wine wall and a soon-to-be packed patio. The combo cook and dine-in kitchens have a modern farmhouse feel and are geared up with top-notch utilities and equipment that you could find in your home kitchen. All areas showcase a stunning view of the Rocky Mountain skyline and roll up garage doors that let in the Colorado sunshine and fresh air. “We’re building a space where people can come together through a common interest in food and create relationships that go beyond the kitchen and back out into our community,” shares Katie. Individually, the kitchens support up to twenty participants, but movable walls allow them to join into one space for larger private parties, specialty programming, or corporate events. Katie adds, “It feels really good to be working together with Eric and my family to create a local business that will contribute to our neighborhoods and the thriving Colorado culinary scene.”

Uncorked Kitchen —The joy of food in the making.


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