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FOX 31 DENVER – March 2, 2016, by Seth Gregory | Everyday Eats! with Chris Parente & Kathie J.

"It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for our new restaurant of the week in our Everyday Eats! You wanna know what`s for dinner? How about a yummy meal with a side of friends, drizzled with some laughter? Go check out “Uncorked Kitchen” in Centennial."


Video transcript:

Cris Parente: Hey, how about some good eats! Every week on this show, only show at 10:00 AM that brings you the hottest restaurants all around Denver. It’s why you got to stay tuned. This week it’s one that you loved.

Kathie J.: Yeah, so you know, next time you hear, “What’s for dinner?” Here’s the answer. A yummy meal.

Cris Parente: I like it.

Kathie J.: With a side of friends drizzled with some laughter. Uncorked Kitchen in Centennial. Check it out.

In this kitchen, cooking is an experience, not just a dreaded chore. Instructor and owner, Chef Eric, worked his way through many kitchens over the years. He even taught instructional cooking classes, but realized he wanted something more.

Eric Robbins: I enjoy sharing my knowledge with people more so and cooking with them. We wanted to make it more fun and more entertaining and more social.

Kathie J.: The kitchens are designed for a shared cooking experience. Almost as if you’re just hanging out at a friend’s house.

Katie Robbins: We really try and divide the class or event into an opportunity where everybody can be really hands on and participatory.

Kathie J.: They have something for everyone when it comes to the menus and the class sizes.

Katie Robbins: Corporate team building events for up to 40 people. We also do private parties.

Kathie J.: So the ladies and I from the Everyday Show decided to go and get our cooking on. We chose the [tapas 00:01:20] and sangria menu.

Yay! [Opa 00:01:26]!

First step, a Spanish style garlic shrimp. Chef Eric is great at teaching cooking techniques and tips that we can use at home.

Eric Robbins: You take your dominant hand, your thumb and your forefinger of your dominant hand, and you pinch right where the handle turns into the blade of the knife. You have your other three fingers hanging up here and you want to wrap those around your knife. What that does is it gives you a natural pinch grip in between your thumb and your forefinger. Now that all the flavors are mixed together, let’s cook it.

Eric Robbins: Add those in along with our … So you can go ahead and add the garlic in.

Speaker 5: You’re putting those in? [inaudible 00:02:04] No, you’re about to ruin it!

Speaker 6: It infuses the oil!

All together: Toss it! Toss it! Oh!

Kathie J.: For dessert, yummy [churros 00:02:20]!

Eric Robbins: You’re going to squeeze just like that and you want to go about four or five inches so now you can go ahead and cut it and it goes right into the oil.

Kathie J.: I won’t [inaudible 00:02:33] oil.

Now it’s time to enjoy the mountain view from our balcony while enjoying the fruits of our labor. Stuffed fried olives, garlic shrimp, lamb meatballs, beet salad, churros, and sangria.

Speaker 6: Thank you for everything!

All together: Thank you! Cheers!

Kathie J.: Chef Eric, how’d we do?

Eric Robbins: I was very impressed. You guys did a very good job. You’re welcome back anytime.

Cris Parente: You know what I like is a drizzling of friends with a side of good times.

Kathie J.: Side of laughter.

Cris Parente: And a little extra helping of good.

Kathie J.: Of sangria.

Cris Parente: Exactly. You really did like it though.

Kathie J.: I loved it! Uncorked Kitchen, in addition to the big kitchen where everybody can cook and stuff, they have a wine bar.

Cris Parente: Oh boy.

Kathie J.: Over 300 wines. They have specialty cocktails, craft beers, and of course appetizers because they cook there so go in and enjoy them before you go out for the night.

Cris Parente: Wonderful space, make your reservation. Tell them the Everyday Show sent you.

Kathie J.: Absolutely.

Cris Parente: Coming up next, we got a lot more.


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