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Meet our talented chefs

Here at Uncorked Kitchen, our professional chefs guide and work side-by-side with our guests to help them transform some of the world's finest ingredients into a soulful family-style meal that's ultimately enjoyed sitting down...together.


Chef Logan Scheer

Pennsylvania Culinary Institute - Associates Degree

"Coming to work at Uncorked Kitchen has provided a way for me to share my love of cooking and pair it with a zeal for teaching. I really enjoy the fact that I get to come in and be teaching a menu from a different part of the world with a variety of recipes. I feel I have grown more in the past year in respect to depth of knowledge than I have at any other point in my career as a chef. Also, I get to see my wife more, so that's good.

Chef Logan has worked in and around the restaurant industry for more than a decade. He graduated from high school with a Culinary certification from Penta Career Center, a vocational school he attended on top of regular classes during his Junior and Senior years. He then spent the next two years attending the Le Cordon Bleu Program at Pennsylvania Culinary Institute in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, while maintaining a full time position as a line cook in the theater district of the city. Upon graduating with an associates degree in culinary arts he cut his teeth in various independently owned bars and restaurants gaining experience in every position you can hold from dishwasher, up through kitchen management. He created and executed menus of many different types during his time in Pittsburgh, until he met his wife who he quickly married and settled down with in Indianapolis Indiana.

In Indy, Chef Logan began working for Seasons 52. A fresh grill and wine bar, Seasons provided the fast paced high volume experience he craved and soon one of his responsibilities for the restaurant included traveling around the country opening new restaurants for the company as the lead prep trainer. This required him to teach 12-15 prep cooks the skills needed to make and consistently produce the 175 unique recipes that seasons incorporated into their menu. After opening the Park Meadows location of Seasons 52 here in Colorado Logan decided to relocate his wife and family of cats to Parker. A decision he has not since regretted. After five years of working with Seasons 52 in a trainer and Sous Chef capacity he felt he needed a change of pace. “Working 70+ hours a week in the restaurant industry is not unusual, as any chef worth his salt will tell you.” An experience all of our chefs have endured at one time or another.

He heard about Uncorked Kitchen soon after we had opened our doors to the public through the restaurant grape vine. It’s a small world and it’s even smaller amongst chefs. “I think I emailed Eric and Katie, the owners with a phrase like ‘I have become determined to gain a position within your organization.’ after touring the facility and seeing how much they offered here.” He came and staged for us the next week and he hasn’t looked back since.


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