Date Night Events

Moments are made in the Kitchen

Welcome to Uncorked Kitchen, Denver’s first interactive dining experience—a culinary and food adventure that’s unlike any other.

For each Date Night event, whether you’re on your first date or your 100th, are enjoying some time with a group of your best friends, or doing a girl’s night out—you’ll all share in the creation and enjoyment of incredible food. Our professional chefs guide and work side-by-side with each couple or small group helping to ensure the meal and moments that are being created, are nothing short of spectacular. Whether you’re a foodie or first timer, this will make a date to a restaurant or movie seem a bit passé.

Date Night Event Calendar

Our promise

  • Every couple or group will get their hands dirty with every aspect of cooking—from knife skills and prep to firing proteins and whipping up pastry chef-level desserts. (Lets channel your inner celebrity chef)
  • Everyone will leave with a stronger palate—tasting throughout the night and learning about the unique spices and flavors that go into each menu
  • You’ll be introduced (and excited) by ingredients from the everyday to the exotic, awakening your mind to a whole new way to experience and eat food
  • You’ll be part of the foodie “trifecta:” one part student, one part cook, and one part diner
  • You’ll cook and eat in a space that feels like your (gourmet) friend’s home. Everything is yours to try from the food to the high-end equipment you’ll use

The finer details

  • All events are led by a chef instructor
  • Max attendance is 20 (Events fill up fast)
  • All classes revolve around a theme and pre-fixe menu
  • A bottle of pre-selected wine per couple is included in your event price unless otherwise specified to match the event theme.  Additional wine, beer and cocktails will be available for purchase from our Wine Bar.
  • Any allergy related questions—please call, we will try our best to accommodate restrictions as long as they are brought to our attention at the time of booking.
  • Any event cancellation within one week of the scheduled event is non-refundable and non-transferrable. A substitute may be sent in your place however we must be notified prior to the event. (Please visit our Event Policies page for all cancellation and event policies.)
  • Menus for each event are subject to change without notice.
  • Event pricing is per couple.

Event Calendar

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Italiano Surf &Turf- January 9th

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the Amalfi coast, tonight’s all about celebrating the land and the ocean together in perfect harmony! In the hillsides you find roaming cattle, perfect for the famous beef dishes shared all across the country, trees dotted with bright yellow lemons, and seafood cooking in kitchens both large and small. Italians have honed cooking both meat and seafood to it’s simplest most pleasurable form, and tonight our chef will guide your group through creating the perfect marriage of both!

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Winter Cooking- January 28th

Cooler weather goes hand-in-hand with hearty and delicious meals. Whether there are snowflakes falling or if you can just see your breath, now is the perfect time of the year to gather in the kitchen with your partner and make new friends. Enjoy a delectable bottle of wine together while creating some amazing food and memories.

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