“21 for Everyone” Walk-Around Wine Events: Social Wine Tastings of 21 Different Wines!

Now taking Reservations!
Grab your personal (take-home) wine glass & literature, and enter our Wine Bar for a walk-around, social wine event featuring 21 wines that pertain to a special theme, whether it’s about geography, grapes, or food pairing! Pouring professionals will explain each wine as they pour sample tastes, and you will learn about each wine’s story as you sip. A buffet of complimentary cheeses, noshes, nibbles, and small bites will be served.

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Saturday, May 20th “Wine & Swine”: Join us while we celebrate that oh so magical meat we all love so much, PORK! Today we’re bringing you a bacon-heavy menu showcasing tasty bites to enjoy with a bountiful selection of 21 different wines as well. Sip as swirl as you look for nouveau creations like Bacon Jam alongside some of your classic favorites like Pulled Pork Sliders and Bacon-wrapped Asparagus. The savory, smoky, sultry bites will pair perfectly with crisp or full bodied wines! Join us, and let the tingle of sparkling, red, and white wines dance on your palate because this is just the beginning of our Swine love affair! ’21 for Everyone” goes piggy for Wine and Swine!!


Saturday, June 17th “France Vs. California”: Ding ding ding! In this corner we have the reigning historical champ, weighing in at over 2000 years of wine making; France. In the opposing corner, California; one of the newer, up and coming contenders, building more momentum in the world class wine arena every day. Weighing in at just 250 years of wine making; this Wild West contender has shown the brawn and brains to go the distance with the champ! Join in the action as these two powerhouse wine regions go head to head in a 21 round bout to see who reigns supreme on the world wine stage. A fantastic “taste-off” between the “Old World” of France vs the “New World” of California! Compare the differences between the Cabernets & Merlots of Bordeaux against those of Napa, or the Chardonnays & Pinot Noirs of Burgundy alongside those of Sonoma and the Cali coast. Enjoy a buffet of cheeses & snacks along with each exciting sip!



Join new bar manager Terry as he shares his wine knowledge in an approachable, upbeat and social environment!

Wine Empowerment: The beginnings
Thursday, May 18th 7-9pm
Ever sit down at a restaurant and look at the bible sized wine list like it’s the ominous elephant on the table? Ever wonder just what a Bordeaux is? When you take clients out for dinner would you like to order like a boss? We can get you started! This entry level event will cover basic tasting characteristics, information on popular types of wine, bouquets, aromas and you get to drink it too!!! 7 wines from different regions and styles to give you a baseline on your way to understanding what that elephant’s crazy circus is all about!


Wine Class: “The French Effect”
Thursday, June 15th 7-9pm
Bonjour!! Step into what is arguably the most influential wine region in the world. From Provence to Burgundy, the Loire to Armagnac, learn some of the history behind the wines we drink today and after class, you’ll be able to peruse the wine shelves in your favorite shop with your newfound knowledge (and dare we say love) of French wines. We’ll go over basic food and wine pairing techniques as we cover wine from several different regions of France, spanning the country. Enjoy complimentary light snacks which will accompany tonight’s selection of French wines to be tasted. Don’t wait to sign up, because there will be some rather interesting and unique wines to sip and sample. Join us, and get ready to step into the unknown!! Ciao!


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