“21 for Everyone” Walk-Around Wine Events: Social Wine Tastings of 21 Different Wines!

Now taking Reservations!
Grab your personal (take-home) wine glass & literature, and enter our Wine Bar for a walk-around, social wine event featuring 21 wines that pertain to a special theme, whether it’s about geography, grapes, or food pairing! Pouring professionals will explain each wine as they pour sample tastes, and you will learn about each wine’s story as you sip. A buffet of complimentary cheeses, noshes, nibbles, and small bites will be served.

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Saturday, August 19th “OYSTER FEST”
A ‘don’t miss’ opportunity to try as many or as few of the 21 wines available that pair PERFECTLY with freshly shucked Oysters and other seafood hors d’oeuvres! A variety of vinaigrettes will make each slurp and sip incredible…you will be amazed how many different whites, reds, roses, and sparklers are brilliant partners for these ocean treats!

Saturday, September 16th “AROUND THE WORLD IN 21 WINES”
This is a “don’t miss” opportunity to taste 21 reds, whites, rosés, and sparklers from exotic locales, such as Portugal, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Arizona, Israel, Uruguay, South Africa, Canada, Uruguay, New York, Virginia, New Mexico, and much more! Enjoy noshes from our buffet of cheeses, salamis, dips, olives, & nuts with each international sip!


Join our bar manager Terry as he shares his wine knowledge in an approachable, upbeat and social environment!

“Wine Empowerment: The Beginning”
Thursday, August 24th, 7-9pm
Ever sit down at a restaurant and feel like the wine list grows longer the more you stare at it? It can certainly leave you feeling like it’s the ominous elephant on the table if you’ve ever wondered just what a Bordeaux is! When you take friends, family, or clients out for dinner would you like to order with confidence- like a boss? With this entry level class, we can get you started! We will cover basic tasting characteristics, information on popular types of wine, the difference between bouquets and aromas as you sip and sample your way through!! Come try seven wines from different regions and styles to give you a baseline on your way to understanding what that elephant’s crazy circus is all about! (Must be 21 and older)

“Italian Stallions! Wines of Italy”
Thursday, September 14th, 7-9pm
No need to take a 12 hour flight to Naples! We have Italy right here at Uncorked for you! Taste 7 different wines from different regions across the iconic boot. Hear some of the history of those regions and how they have influenced wine techniques worldwide. We will discuss the unique food pairings that some of the Italian wines are not so noted for here, but are well known for in Europe. From Trebbiano to Negroamaro, this class will cover a vast amount of the Italian wine experience. We will supply some regional cheeses and meats to sample alongside these pure bred stallions.


Have you been in for Happy Hour yet!? Tuesday through Saturday, we offer happy hour from 3-6pm with drink AND food specials! Stop in to join us and take a break as you sip, sample, and dine in the bar.

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