Wine Bar Manager

Terry Teske

Terry has been in and around the restaurant industry for about 28 years. Like so many kids in high school, he started working at a local fast food restaurant doing everything from working as a line cook to customer service roles. That quickly bloomed in to predominantly front of the house roles where he developed his own style of waiting tables. He continued to grow in his love of food and wine throughout his front of house roles, as he switched between working on the line and then back to waiting tables.

In his transition to fine dining, what Terry discovered was a complete surprise. Through this world, he was exposed to a huge variety of fine wines, which encouraged in him a need and a hunger to learn more and more about wine and food every day! While gaining education in the wine industry, Terry began training other staff when it became clear this was an area he could excel in through his instruction style and ability to display a true passion for wine. Terry focused on building up each staff's confidence and competency as he tried them, and eventually moved on to consulting with other restaurants. His skills allowed him the ability and opportunity to formulate training programs for large companies and corporate chains alike.

Terry began being sought out by those in the private sector to host wine and food pairing parties as well as private wine education events, allowing him to expand his training beyond the corporate and employee world, and move deeper into an instructional role.

Throughout his life, Terry has tried to take a break from wine along the way, but has found that no matter what he was doing, there was always a calling bringing him back to wine in so many different ways. It was this calling that shifted his focus from his professional photography business, to become the wine bar manager here at Uncorked Kitchen. Through hard work, study, and a LOT of tastings, Terry has completed his Level 2 Sommelier Certification from the International Wine Guild and is currently involved in completing his Level 3 status.

Terry, wine bar manager at Uncorked Kitchen Denver

You can find Terry pouring a great glass of wine or beer in the bar, as well as crafting delicious cocktails with colorado spirits.



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