St. Paddy's meets Easter Eats! Littles Class Series 3-5yrs.

Date Saturday, April 6, 2019

Time 10:00am - 11:30am

Price $250.00


*By purchasing this package for your student, you are enrolling them & an adult in the full 5-week class series session from 3/30-4/27.

Classic St. Patrick’s Day and Easter celebratory eats for your child to recreate with you and your family just in time for the spring season. These nostalgic meals will leave your junior chef feeling like a master chef showcasing his or her menu at the dinner table!

*Price is for an adult/child pair for the 5-week class series. Child must be 3-5 years old and attend with an adult each week (does not have to be the same adult each week).

Learned skills:

  • Safe food handling and cleanliness/hygiene/handwashing/sanitation
  • Knife skills/control – Chopping/slicing/peeling with age appropriate tools
  • Measurements – baking technique; rolling, shaping and kneading
  • Pan skills and temperature control – Sauté/braise/simmer
  • Creativity/Motivation/Team Building

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