Mid-week Mini: Cab is King

Date Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Time 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Price $39.00

Chef's Name Terry Teske, Bar Manager


Tonight get ready to explore different styles of cabernet in this wine class, as Terry shares tastes of different cabernet wines. You'l get a chance to understand better the timeless battle of old world versus new world wines and even taste the geographical differences in cabs in the northern versus southern hemisphere. Now wine makers are beginning more and more to borrow techniques and blending styles from other regions and even countries, playing with their product as they blur the lines of Cabernet Sauvignon a bit to create the next evolution of their wine. Climate, history and tradition all have a role to play, so sign up to experience the origins of and variations in Cabernet Sauvignon!

This mini wine class will include 4 samples of wine, and a small plate that you'll enjoy as you see how the wines pair with, contrast with, or bring out the flavors.

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