Fall-o-ween! Youth Class Series 9-11 yrs.

Date Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Time 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Price $285.00


*Purchasing this package enrolls your student in the full 5-week class series from 9/17-10/15.

Hooray for cooler temps and shorter days! But that chill in the air isn’t just the weather; it’s the shiver of foodie folks everywhere as they gear up to get reacquainted with comfort food and holiday recipes (fruitcake anyone?). Get your junior chef in the kitchen as the temperatures fall, as they work to create some scary-good fall favorite foods! They'll be busy in the kitchen as things heat up, cooking the meal they they then get to bring to the table for you and your family to enjoy (Meal serves 3-4 people). Dive into all the autumn feels and prepare early for that candy haul with these "disgusting"… or delicious eats? Taste them if you dare!

Learned skills:
• Safe food handling and cleanliness/hygiene/hand washing/sanitation/temping
• Knife skills/control and food preparation – Chopping/mincing/slicing/peeling
• Measurements – baking techniques along with kneading
• Pan skills and temperature control – Sauté/braise/simmer
• Multitasking/Organization/Portion Control
• Creativity/Motivation/Team Building

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