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Learn the finer arts of the foodie “trifecta:” one part student, one part cook, and one part diner. Every guest gets their hands dirty with every aspect of cooking, from honing & refining knife skills, prepping & firing proteins and whipping up pastry chef-level desserts. (Lets channel your inner celebrity chef!) Everyone leaves with a stronger refined palate—tasting throughout the event and learning about the unique spices and flavors that go into each menu.

You’ll be introduced to exciting ingredients from the everyday to the exotic, awakening your mind to a whole new way to experience & eat food. Everything is yours to experience from the food to the high-end kitchen equipment you’ll use during the class. You’ll cook and eat in a space that feels like your (gourmet) friend’s home.

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Taste of Uncorked- Spring Pasta

2:30pm, Saturday, May 30, 2020

To Do: Spring Cleaning. Better yet- Spring Pasta! Yes... Seriously. Make photo worthy pasta with a lemon cream sauce adorned with peas, crab, and garnished with asparagus. Then in the spirit of Italian dessert you will become a cannoli decorator and then sit down to enjoy your spoils!

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Taste of Uncorked- Spring Pasta

  • Fresh Pasta Dough
  • Hand Cut Pappardelle with Peas, Asparagus, Crab, and Lemon Cream
  • Chocolate Mint Cannoli
Bowl And Chopsticks

Rolling in Ramen

2:00pm, Sunday, May 31, 2020

It's not just a fad, the gourmet ramen craze is here to stay! Come enjoy making your very own ramen starting from the broths (a layered flavor art all to itself) to the creation of all the super flavorful toppings and add-ins that go along with it. Slurp up your bowls of ramen and finish the evening off with a full, happy stomach and some new friends!

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Rolling in Ramen

  • Tonkotsu broth base (rich pork bone base)
  • Miso broth base
  • Ramen Mix-ins: Pickled Mushrooms, soft-cooked Egg, Miso-glazed Chicken Thigh; Pork Meatballs; Fried Tofu; Soy-poached Baby Bok Choy; Spicy Chili Paste; Wilted Greens; Noodles
  • Green Tea Ice Cream with Crunchy Ramen Noodles


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