Sushi 2.0

Event summary:

Love sushi, wish you could make it at home? Join us and create your own Japanese feast! From cooking the rice to lining the nori sheets, topping with ingredients and perfecting the movements, you and your date will do it all! Craft a variety of rolls along with giving your hand a try at some nigiri and a special dragon roll! The best part of this event-- you'll get to eat it all! 
-“Rainbow Nigiri” with fresh teriyaki glaze
-“Smoked Trout Dragon Roll” with Honey Sriracha reduction
-“Tempura Deep Fried Roll” with cream cheese, mango, jalapeno, and Salmon
-“Roll in a Roll” Pickled vegetable roll inside a Tuna scallion roll
- Green tea Ice Cream


Nov 26, 2017

5:30pm to 8:30pm

$210.00 per pair